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Garage Door Repairs Canberra

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Like any other piece of machinery, your garage door requires regular servicing and may even need the occasional repair. As garage door experts we service, repair and stock replacement parts for all types of garage doors.

Major breakdowns to a poorly maintained door can be costly and very inconvenient. A visit from one our service technicians will ensure your door and opener are kept in prime condition.

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Need a garage door repaired? Need it done right now?

WR Engineering provides after-hours Emergency Garage Door Repairs in and around Canberra. Whether it’s during the day, late at night or on a public holiday, our expert technicians are on stand-by ready to help you.

We’ll visit you with tools in hand, ready to fix the problem so you can get on with life.

For Emergency After-hours Repairs call 0414 344 515.

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Sectional Garage Doors

As one of the largest moving parts in your home, your garage door should be serviced once every 12 months.

Servicing will keep your garage door working properly and ensure all parts and springs are tensioned and balanced correctly to support the weight of the door as it lifts. Our team of expert technicians will take care of everything for you, and fix any issues ahead of time before they become serious.

Keep your garage door running smoother, quieter, safer and for longer.

Book a garage door service for as little as $195.

Not an emergency? Call (02) 6280 5988 during office hours or click here to fill out our Repair/Servicing form.

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Service your garage door with WR

WR Engineering recommend having your garage door serviced annually. Whilst your Opener requires minimal maintenance, the garage door it is fitted to needs regular up keep.

Your garage door is a large, heavy moving object and should be tested and serviced regularly to ensure optimal operating condition.

The following will be conducting, as a minimum, when having your door serviced by WR.

Garage Door Service
Spring tension adjustment
Why adjust spring tension? Every Garage Door has a large weight controlling spring attached and over time these springs lose tension. Without adequate tension the door will become increasingly heavy. This extra weight will most certainly place strain on your Automatic Opener as it will be attempting to lift weight beyond its capabilities.
Lubrication of all moving parts
Why lubricate these parts? The use of a specialty spray on the guides, hinges, springs and any other moving part will help maintain free movement of the door and significantly reduce noise.
Balancing of the door
Why balance? Adjustments to maintain free movement is vitally important. Without correct balancing the garage door can become jammed, this can cause irreversible damage. Adjustments to moving parts, wheels, door curtain and guides are all a part of the service.

Broken garage door spring? Not to worry! WR are the spring replacement specialists….

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Friendly, on time and great price andservice. Would highly recommend!
Isaiah installed our fence over the past couple of days. He checked in with us each morning, kept us updated on what was happening & was great to work with. The quality of his work was excellent & we can’t recommend him & the team at WR Engineering highly enough. Thank you!
Billy did a great job of keeping me informed of arrival time and explaining the maintenance carried out on the garage door.
Pieter and Pierre from WR are exactly what you want for the important job of fencing. They are professional, friendly and most importantly have a great eye for detail. We were so impressed by their work and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
We had WR out for the first time today. Great customer service and advice from Muhammad. Highly recommend.
Had a new gate installed by James. We were impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. We are extremely happy with his work. He went out of his way to make sure the gate was what we had wanted and we were 100% happy. Would highly recommend James.