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WR provides a large variety of garage door openers & remote controls

Whether you have an existing garage door that you would like to automate or require an opener to complement a new door, WR Engineering have your needs covered. Get a perfect opener to compliment your garage door.

Included in our premium range of openers are the Controll-A-Door Power Drive, Controll-A-Door S, Controll-A-Door Advance and the newly released Controll-A-Door Prodigy.

Every Controll-A-Door garage door opener comes standard with TriTran+ remote control technology that delivers;

Advance security, reliable operation, excellent operating range and virtually no interference from other wireless devices.

As an added bonus, WR Engineering provide clients with over the phone price guides, which means no need for time consuming site assessments.

Controll-A-Door Brochure

For further details on a large range of remotes and accessories call us on

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The absolute ultimate in convenience, security and technology. Available at WR Engineering today.

WR are proud to announce the release of the B&D Controll-A-Door Prodigy, along with B&D Smart Phone Controller.

The introduction of these exciting products will take convenient and secure garage door control to the next level.

For further information regarding these exciting new products call our friendly staff or click on the brochure below:
Smart Phone Controller

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Accessories designed to enhance convenience, safety and reliability of your garage door.

Available to compliment your Garage Door Opener are various accessories to assist with making life just that little more convenient, ideal for the safety conscience and when reliability is a must.

Safety Beams
If you have young children or pets, safety beams provide added safety and security.
If the beam is broken whilst the door is closing, it will automatically stop and reverse.
WR and B&D always recommend the use of safety beams on all automatic garage doors.

Entry Keypad
Allows entry to the garage without a remote transmitter.
Great for children. No need to hand out transmitters or keys as they can enter the house with their PIN.

Battery Backup
In the event of a black out the opener will still be operational.

Smart Phone Controller
Turns your smart phone into an additional remote control.