Garage Door Openers & Remote Controls

Garage Door Openers & Remote Controls

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Automate your life with Smart openers

Whether you have an existing garage door that you would like to automate or require an opener to complement a new door, WR Engineering have your needs covered

Our openers and remotes offer advanced security and operate within an excellent range, with options to integrate the latest tech so you can even control your garage door with your smartphone.

Included in our premium range of openers are the Controll-A-Door Power Drive, Controll-A-Door Secure and Controll-A-Door Smart.

Every Controll-A-Door garage door opener comes standard with TriTran+ remote control technology that delivers:

– Advance security, reliable operation, excellent operating range and virtually no interference from other wireless devices.
– As an added bonus, WR Engineering provide clients with over the phone price guides, which means no need for time consuming site assessments.

Why choose WR?

  • We offer One-stop, Easy-to-use warranty assistance. We coordinate all the leg work for you to help you claim your warranty with ease and peace of mind.
  • We are fully licensed and are appropriately insured for every job we do, be it commercial or residential.
  • We have an amazing team of qualified and experienced tradespeople who take the time to do the job right the first time.
  • We pay close attention to details in everything we do, so you get a great looking product installed every time.
  • We are a family-owned small business, supporting local Canberra community and other local business.

The B&D Controll-A-Door® Secure opener and remote is a must-have for any garage door.

As standard, Controll-A-Door® Secure offers superior security and reliability, with an excellent operating range and very fast opening speed. Want something a little more? Ask us about optional upgrades such as an external keypad, auto-lock and smartphone control.

Non Contact Safety Beams

For added safety if you have children or pets.

External Keypad

Keyless entry via pin code! Great for children.

Smart Phone Control

Open, close and monitor your garage door.

Install an Auto-lock

On your door for enhance security with auto-lock

  • 10 year warranty
  • Auto-reverse technology
  • Quiet motor
  • Super fast opening speed
  • LED light to illuminate the garage
Openers and remote

Connect your garage door with your smartphone and enjoy added convenience, functionality and peace of mind.

As B&D’s fastest, smartest and most secure opener, this model uses smart technology to enhance the safety and security of your garage with real time alerts if an intruder tries to break in.

Open and close your garage door anytime and from anywhere, restrict door access, add multiple users, and opt for extras such as keypad entry or battery backup.

Multiple Layers Of Protection

Your motor is designed to resist forced entry, plus you will get real time alerts through your B&D App
if a break-in attempt is detected.


Safe Lock anti-tamper system locks the garage door if an intruder tries to lift it.


B&D smart keyless technology automatically locks your garage door with a heavy duty bolt every time you close it.

  • 10 year warranty
  • Smartphone control
  • Anti-tamper system
  • Auto-reverse technology
  • Quiet motor
  • Super fast opening speed
  • LED light to illuminate the garage






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Accessories designed to enhance convenience, safety and reliability of your garage door.

We have a variety of garage door accessories including safety beams, entry keypads, and battery back-up so your automatic garage door will still work during a blackout.

Safety Beams
If you have young children or pets, safety beams provide added safety and security.
If the beam is broken whilst the door is closing, it will automatically stop and reverse.
WR and B&D always recommend the use of safety beams on all automatic garage doors.

Entry Keypad
Allows entry to the garage without a remote transmitter.
Great for children. No need to hand out transmitters or keys as they can enter the house with their PIN.

Battery Backup
In the event of a black out the opener will still be operational.

Smart Phone Controller
Turns your smart phone into an additional remote control.