How to Avoid Garage Door Repairs?

How to Avoid Garage Door Repairs?

We all know how frustrating it is when something breaks. And when it’s something you use every day and have come to rely on, the effects can be downright painful.

Often, breakdowns happen at a time that’s less than ideal – both in terms of convenience and cost. When your car breaks down on the way to a long-awaited holiday at the coast, it’s not only annoying. It can also put a significant strain on your finances.

The same can be said for our favourite appliances. Ever had your washing machine refuse to turn on when you have 7 loads of laundry ready to go? Or the toaster breaks the same morning everyone decides they want jam on toast for breakfast?

Breakdowns put us in compromising situations. They add stress to our lives, and force us to take action when we least expect it.

Unfortunately, if your garage door is going to break, the timing is unlikely going to be ideal. One day when you’re running late for work, you grab your keys and jump in your car…only to find the garage door won’t open. Or, tired from a long night out, you pull up in your driveway, hit the button and…nothing.

Aside from the inconvenience, major garage door repairs can be quite costly. The good news is, however, they can often be avoided.

Why service your garage door

Just like your car, garage doors function with multiple moving parts that are heavy and complex. You know that regular servicing of your car is important for safety, because failing brakes and skidding tires are preventable. As one of the largest moving parts in your home, servicing your garage door isn’t just a matter of saving time and money.

It’s a matter of safety.

A regular service will ensure parts are working as they should be, nuts and bolts are fitted properly, and springs are correctly tensioned to support the weight of the door as it lifts.

A service will also ensure your garage door works smoothly and quietly, and enjoys a longer life.

When to service your garage door

Think of how many times you roll up and roll down your garage door on a daily basis, and then times that by 365. That’s a lot of movement!

We recommend getting your garage door serviced once every 12 months. Our services are inexpensive (starting from $155) and may help you avoid hefty repair bills later down the track.

Your garage door service includes:

  • Inspection of components
  • Checking and replacing bolts and screws if needed
  • Lubricating moving parts to maintain movement and reduce noise
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Testing openers
  • Identifying potential problems (including rust) before they have an impact

We will also check protection system sensors (such as those that prevent your garage door from closing on you) to ensure they’re working properly.

An important note

Garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous when they malfunction. Please do not attempt to repair a garage door on your own.

To book a garage door service, call WR Engineering on 6280 5988 or contact us.

If your garage door is in need of repair, we also offer 24/7 emergency repairs. Simply call our after hours number: 0414 344 515.