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Garage Door Repairs Canberra. No one will love your door like we do….

No job is to big or small, whether you are booking a standard service, in need of replacement parts or urgently require assistance.

WR Engineering have a professional team of technicians on standby.

Regular servicing or your garage door is used as a preventative measure to ensure peak performance.

Major breakdowns to a poorly maintained door can be costly and very inconvenient.

A visit from one our service technicians will ensure your door and opener are kept in prime condition.

WR can service and repair most major brands of garage doors and openers.

Our expert staff are experienced when it comes to garage door repairs and carry a wide range of replacement parts for Rolling, Sectional, Tilt and Custom doors .

We are here for you 24/7, 365 days per year.

Our 24/7, 365 days per year, Emergency Repair Service is available to all residents of Canberra.

Reliable after hours repairs to all makes and models of garage doors and openers.

A simple phone call to our after hours number will have a smiling friendly staff member at your door step in no time.

Al after hours repairs incur a minimum attendance fee which is payable at the time of attendance.

Business Hours: 02 62805988
After Hours Contact: 0414344515

Tune up your garage door with WR.

WR Engineering recommend having your garage door serviced annually.  Whilst your Opener requires minimal maintenance, the garage door it is fitted to needs regular up keep.

Your garage door is a large, heavy moving object and should be tested and serviced regularly to ensure optimal operating condition.

The following will be conducting, as a minimum,  when having your door serviced by WR;

Spring tension adjustment

Why adjust spring tension? Every Garage Door has a large weight controlling spring attached and over time these springs lose tension. Without adequate tension the door will become increasingly heavy. This extra weight will most certainly place strain on your Automatic Opener as it will be attempting to lift weight beyond its capabilities.

Lubrication of all moving parts

Why lubricate these parts? The use of a specialty spray on the guides, hinges, springs, opener chain and any other moving part will help maintain free movement of the door and significantly reduce noise.

Balancing of the door

Why balance? Adjustments to maintain free movement is vitally important. Without correct balancing the Garage Door can become jammed, this can cause irreversible damage. Adjustments to moving parts, wheels, door curtain and guides are all a part of the service.

Snapped garage door spring?  Not to worry!  WR are the spring replacement specialists….

Sectional Garage Door springs are under enormous tension and can snap without warning, often at the most inconvenient times.

WR are the experts when it comes to spring replacement.

A call into our office or the 24/7 emergency repair line is all that is needed.

A WR Service Technician will take care the rest!

Most springs are carried in stock and ready for immediate installation.

Custom springs can be ordered without a problem and long lead times are avoided as a temporary repair can see your door operational until the replacement spring arrives.

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