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Insul Shield Garage Door
More and more people are using their garage for something other than parking a car. It’s a flexible space – an extra bedroom, kids’ play area, work space or a home gym to work up a sweat. What helps make this possible is insulating your Garage Door with B&D® Insul-Shield®.

Why choose a B&D® Insul-Shield® garage door?

  • Quiet as a house: Keep outside distractions like road noise out, and inside noise like listening to your favourite workout music in. B&D® Insul-Shield® reduces external noise by an amazing 18dB, that’s double the noise reduction vs a standard non-insulated B&D® Panelift Door.
  • Cozy in winter, cooler in summer: An insulated garage door means you can comfortably use the space for things other than parking and storage. Thermal Resistance. R-value = 1.4W/m2K.
  • Good looking: Looking: Performance aside, a B&D® Insul-Shield® garage door just looks better which is important since you will be spending a lot more time doing what you love or hate in there, depending on your flexibility

Oh and yes it’s perfectly fine to park your car in there too, if you like.