Use screening to hide unsightly items

How to use screening to hide unsightly items

Colorbond® screening or slatted screening can make a fantastic addition to the front or backyard of your home, and while it’s often used as a design statement or to increase privacy, screening has another excellent purpose as well…

Hiding unsightly outdoor items from public view!

Here are some of our favourite things to hide away using Colorbond® or slatted screening:

  • Bins
  • Air conditioning units
  • Electricity metres
  • Pool equipment
  • Gardening tools
  • Bikes
  • Litter boxes
  • Kennels
  • Old sheds
  • Water tanks
  • Hot water heaters

A single screening panel is often all that’s needed to take the attention away from items such as these, and allow them to sit in their own private space obscured from public sight. You could also create a more elaborate design by placing several screens around the area, or making a corner and “boxing off” the area by joining two screening panels.

Screening has many other great uses in the front and backyard – such as allowing you to segregate certain areas for storage, relaxation or play.

For example, you could create screening around a children’s play area, or a little section of garden designed for reading or quiet reflection.

The possibilities are endless – as are the range of screening designs that we offer at WR Engineering. We can help you determine which colour and style will help you achieve your vision, and whether Colorbond® screening or slatted screening would work best.

Here’s how to get started with screening to hide away your unsightly outdoor items, or create private sanctuaries in your garden:

  1. Determine the area you would like to screen.
  2. Call us on (02) 6280 5988for a free measure and quote.
  3. View our extensive range of screening colours and styles, including:
    • Colorbond® screening
    • Colorbond® lattice extensions
    • slatted screening
    • aluminium powder coated screening
    • timber-look screening
  4. Purchase and organise installation for your screening.
  5. Enjoy the remarkable new look and feel it adds to your home!

Our screening comes with a 10 year warranty, is durable, long-lasting, and requires very little maintenance (simply clean it with a quick hose or wipe down!). And best of all – unlike timber screening – our Colorbond® and slatted screening is alsorot, termite and fire resistant to give you extra peace of mind.

For more information on how to add screening to hide your unsightly outdoor items, or create designated spaces in your backyard for fun, privacy or relaxation, please contact us.

How to Choose the Right Gate for Your Property

When you’re building a new home or overhauling the ageing features of an existing home, it can feel overwhelming when faced with the sheer volume of choices available to you.

You know you want something that looks great, but it seems equally important to find quality products that will work the way they are supposed to, and last you well into the future.

When it comes to choosing a gate to enclose the front or side of your home, it can be tricky working out which one will provide the privacy and security you need, while offering the look you’re trying to achieve with the rest of your home and outdoor spaces.

To save you time and stress, here are four tips you can use to choose the right gate for your property:

1. Complement your fence and façade
Your fence and gate should create a seamless look that differentiates your property’s boundary from your neighbours on either side.

The colour of your gate doesn’t need to match your fence, especially if you want the gate to make a statement, or you need to coordinate between a concrete or brick boundary fence.

The idea is to colour match the same way you would treat a feature wall in the house. The colours should complement each other, and draw out the tones in your home’s façade as well as natural elements in your lawn or garden.

If you do not want to draw attention to your gate, and would prefer to create a unified boundary, you may wish to opt for the exact same colour and style – which should be available from the company that installed your fence.
At WR Engineering, we offer a wide selection of gates that offer both feature status and a unified look with the rest of our fencing range. For more information, give us a call or visit us in Fyshwick.

2. Choose your level of security
Home owners often think that a rickety timber gate with a plastic sign saying “Beware of Dog” is enough to deter unwanted visitors to your property.

Instead, consider increasing your security with a solid and lockable gate that is high enough to increase privacy and stop the average person from jumping over.

Colorbond® gates are perfect for this, and designed to give you peace of mind while offering a modern, Australiana-look to your home. They have been tested under Australian conditions for over 50 years, and are easy to clean and maintain as well as being rot, termite and fire resistant. They also come in an extensive range of colours, and offer the option of attractive lattice extensions on the top of the gate to further increase privacy and security.

For more information about our Colorbond® gate range, please contact us.

3. Pick the right material
There are many options for gate materials, including:

  • timber
  • slat panels
  • Colorbond® steel
  • iron
  • PVC
  • vinyl
  • aluminium

Unfortunately, not all materials rate equally when it comes to quality and durability. For example, PVC and vinyl are the most toxic plastics for our health and the environment. Iron tends to look tired very quickly, and timber is known for rotting and falling apart over time.

Over the 50 years that we’ve been installing fencing and gates in Canberra homes, we’ve discovered what works and what we’re happy to put our name to.

Our product range consists of Colorbond® steel and slatted gates because we know they are easy to maintain, durable, high quality, attractive, and long lasting. We’re so confident about our product range that we offer a 10 year warranty.

If you like the timber look but are after a more resilient material, ask us about our Knotwood finish range of fencing and gates. They offer all the benefits of a steel base, but with a sleek timber look.

4. Think about access
Lastly, you should consider how you want your gate to offer access to your home.
For example:

  • Does it need a key lock?
  • Would you prefer electronic access, such as a fingerprint or swipe card?
  • Should it open in towards your home, or out towards the street?
  • Do you want it to open automatically?

With tech advances, there are many additions you can make to your gate, depending on how you (and others) will be using it.

These days, you can even add sensors to the locking system on your gate so that it syncs with a home automation system – allowing you to let people in, or out, remotely whenever you need to.

Choosing a gate doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. By considering each of the above and thinking about your needs and uses for the gate into the future, you can make a well-informed decision that will serve your home well for many years to come.

To learn more about how to choose the right gate for your property, or to see our range or request a free measure and quote, please call us on (02) 6280 5988 or visit us at 10-14 Isa Street, Fyshwick.

Pool Fencing and Gates in the ACT: What You Need to Know

Pools and spas can be a wonderful addition to any backyard, and really take the heat off Canberra’s strong summer sun.

But for those who can’t swim, and particularly for children under 5, pools do represent an unquestionable danger. In 1973, when the rate of drowning deaths of children under 5 reached 10.76 in every 100,000 children, it became clear that something needed to be done. And though it’s taken decades to mandate, the rules in every Australian state and territory now stipulate that pools and spas must be fenced and gated.

Pool fences and gates not only give you peace of mind when you have little ones running about, but can also make for a beautiful addition to your backyard.

Pool fencing rules
In the ACT, a swimming pool is classified as any structure that can be filled with water to a depth of more than 300mm (just 30cm) and used for swimming, wading, paddling, etc. This includes blow up pools, semi-in-ground pools, permanent in-ground pools, and spas.

These pools and spas are all required to have a swimming pool safety barrier that is certified in accordance with Australian Standards, and given a Certificate of Occupancy & Use issued under the Building Act 2004 by a Building Certifier.

The safety barrier is required to be:

  • at least 1.2m high;
  • with non-climbable vertical supports; and
  • no gaps exceeding 100mm.

Land boundary fences that are part of the barrier must also be at least 1.8m high.

Pool gate rules
According to legislation, outdoor pools cannot be accessible through a door; they need to have their own gate.

Gates must:

  • swing away from the pool area;
  • be self-closing; and
  • with a latch release mechanism 1.5m above ground level (or shielded to restrict access to children).

For more information about the laws as they apply to older or pre-existing pools or spas, visit Access Canberra.

Installing fencing and gates for pools

Most pool companies are well aware of the regulations for pool installation, and can help you get the appropriate certification, at the right time, when your pool is installed.

Pool fencing and gating does not need to be a hassle, and can add an attractive element to the design of your pool area.

At WR Engineering, we offer a wide range of fencing and gates perfect for safely enclosing your pool area. Our Colorbond® collection comes in an extensive variety of colours, with safe lockable gates, and a 10 year warranty. They are very easy to maintain and clean, and will stay strong even when regularly exposed to water!

We can also help with boundary fencing that supports the necessary height requirements for a pool adjourning a boundary fence, which can then be complemented by safety glass panels or a vertical slat fence through the backyard if that’s the look you’re seeking.

The options are endless, but we’ll happily walk you through all of them during a free onsite measure and quote, or at our showroom in Fyshwick.

Simply call us on (02) 6280 5988 for more information, or visit us at 10-14 Isa Street, Fyshwick.